Greentree Pool is trying to balance the fun of parties at the pool with member usage and safety. Therefore, pool group events are scheduled under the following conditions to result in minimal impact on other members’ use of the pool:

  1. Party reservations include the reservation of the upper deck table/grill area during the 2-hour party time.
  2. A group event with 10 or more people incurs a $50 party fee in addition to the $5 per non-member guest fee.
  3. The number of guests is limited to 12 people (not including your family) and the event is limited to 2 hours in duration (3 hours on your monitor night). The 12 guests includes members, non-members, swimmers and non-swimmers. This is to preserve the enjoyment of the pool for ALL of our members.
  4. Monitors (on your monitor night) receive 10 free guests. A $50 party fee will apply for more than 10 guests.
  5. Group events must be pre-arranged and scheduled at least 10 days in advance to help us plan for additional lifeguard staff, if needed. Group events may only be scheduled when additional lifeguard coverage is available. One group event is allowed at any specific time.
  6. Group events do not have exclusive use of the pool. Additional lifeguard staffing may need to be arranged to ensure the safety of all using the pool.
  7. Group events are encouraged to take place at non-peak pool hours (noon-2 pm). Please remember that Greentree Pool rules are to be observed by all event attendees.
  8. A party fee will be incurred even if you don’t notify the pool of your event. Guards will be filling out group event forms after every event.
  9. The $50 party fee will be billed at the end of the summer.

Party Request Form

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