Each member of the pool is required to make an annual contribution in the form of what is called “Monitor Night”.  Monitor Night consists of spending the evening at the pool helping the lifeguards should they need it and performing basic clean up tasks at the end of the night. 

At the beginning of each season members pick a night using a Signup Genius link.  If the night a member signs up for does not work for them it is the member’s responsibility to find someone else to cover for them.  Failure to appear for monitor night will result in a $100 fine. 

Monitors are allowed up to 10 guests for FREE on your assigned night.

 The Greentree Pool community thanks everyone for doing your part!  


Monitor Night Duties

Please check in with the head lifeguard on duty no later than 6pm on your assigned monitor night.

  • Your role from 6pm until closing is to support lifeguards. While uncommon, if a situation arises where a lifeguard requires assistance you need to be available to help. 
  • If you notice the pool is unusually busy check with the lifeguards to see if there is anything you can assist with.

Clean Up

  • Sweep concrete deck around the pool and the upper wood deck.
    This is especially important during the times of year when the wisteria flower pedals or leaves are falling. Swept-up yard debris should be placed in the large green bins.
  • Sweep the floors in both bathrooms and empty the small trash cans if full.
  • Check the status of toilet paper in the bathrooms and notify the lifeguard if additional rolls should be placed in the bathroom.
  • Wipe down the inside of the microwave.
  • Place chairs neatly around all tables and fold down all umbrellas.
  • Wipe down all the tables with the vinegar cleaning solution or Windex.
  • Verify that both grills are turned off and the propane tanks are closed (rotated fully clockwise).
  • Check the status of the poolside trash cans (2 total). No need to do anything if they aren’t full yet. If they are full, transfer the bag into the larger roller garbage bins and replace with a fresh bag.
  • Put away all pool toys. (It can be helpful to start this process while kids are still swimming, to collect any pool toys underwater so the toys do not obstruct the pool cleaning robot overnight)
  • Remove the blue/white divider rope from the pool and give to the lifeguard.
  • WEDNESDAY NIGHT ONLY:  Bring out any of the large Republic Services bins (yard debris, garbage, recycling) with anything inside of them. Place them on Greentree Road.